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Here I will try to answer the most frequent questions that I get in therapy (especially at the beginning).


How long does a therapy session take?

Each session is limited to 50 minutes. It is proven that after about an hour, productive attention decreases.

How long does the therapy last? How many sessions are needed?

This is very individual and depends on the client and their needs. Some very specific needs can be addressed quickly (e.g. relaxation training). However, if we are talking about long-term therapy, with the goal of bringing about deeper, lasting change, then we are talking about the number of dozens of sessions (sometimes even more). But it is always a matter of agreement between the therapist and the client.

What are we going to talk about?

It's simple - about everything :-). This is not an exaggeration. In therapy, it is really possible to discuss any aspect of life, thought, memory or feeling.

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