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How can I help you?

Emotional problems

Do you suffer from bad feelings, anxiety or depression? Don't know how to deal with them? I can offer a safe space where it is possible to share them, work on coping, understanding and overcoming them.

Psychosomatic issues

Or when the soul speaks the language of the body. If you are troubled by physical problems that have either gone on for a long time or whose cause is unclear, the problem may not be in the body but in the soul. Together we can try to understand the problem.

Relationship problems

Do you not get along with your partner? Do you have unresolved problems in your relationship with your parents or someone from the past? Do you repeat the same patterns in your relationships? We can work together on how to manage these difficulties and be able to experience current relationships more contentedly and freely.

Interpretation of Dreams

Do you suffer from nightmares? Do you have recurring dreams? Your dreams may point to aspects of your life that have remained hidden or neglected. Through analysis of dreams, it is possible to reveal these aspects, understand them and come up with solutions to difficulties that may not be related to the dream at first glance.

Purpose in life

Do you struggle with the feeling that your life is missing something? Are you stuck in a routine and not feeling good about yourself? Finding a sense of purpose in your life can help give your life new direction and overall satisfaction.

Self-esteem issues

Do you have difficulty communicating with others? Do you doubt your self-worth? A devaluing view of oneself is at the root of many difficulties in life. Together we can work on changing this view, recognizing our own strengths, and strengthening our confidence in our own competence.


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